Technological innovation and a regulatory compliance, have led us to receive copious declarations of professional regard as well as public recognitions, including the draftings of important agreements of national significance. One of the most important is that stipulated with ANCI, National Association of Italian municipalities, which approves our initiative and discipline as well as our offer to several municipalities associated with benefits in terms of speed access to services and supported economic conditions.
Among the signed agreements, it should be mentioned that with GORI SPA optimal water resources of the ACEA SPA Group management, which uses our facility, to communicate disruptions to their five hundred thousand users. It belongs to all municipalities in Naples, as well as in Salerno.
Apart from this, we have been involved in many important projects such as the national sociological survey on the perception of the army, commissioned by the Ministry of Defense, as well as  ther survays commissioned by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Our company is part of the single list of one of the Board suppliers of the Campania Region; Puglia region; and the Lombardia Region; and enabled on the P.A. electronic commerce on hundreds of platforms, not least that of MEPA CONSIP.
Moreover, according to the applicable legislation, we are duly registered in the Public Registry of the Opposition as well as in the telematic notifications register, according to Art. 13 d.lg. June 30, 2003, n. 196, bearing the “Code of practice concerning the processing of personal data”.