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The ANCI has offered support to an initiative organized by Enterprise Contact aimed to provide convenient multimedia communication services for the associated municipalities with ANCI. Due to the diffiulties municipalities have to face (such as unpredictable and unexpected events
that need to be conveyed urgently to citizens) and to prevent the occurring event could affect the public safety, Enterprise Contact has designed for municipalities an easily accesible communication tool, continuously operating, completely selfmanaged, which allows to transmit directly and simultaneously to thousands of users, an automate telephone announcement.
The transmission of information occurs at a complet discretion of the institution that has always the possibility to use the service throught Enterprise Contact’s portal. Prior access to the private area can, trough simple automatisms, record an audio announcement and trough a simple online command it can be conveyed to all active fixed telephone lines operative in a specific district. In this way, citizens can be alerted within few minutes, directly to their homes, about possible dangerous and unpretictable events such as natural disasters, a change of schedule or a disruption.